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280E and ever-changing state laws make cannabis one of the most intimidating industries to enter.

We know how to navigate red tape.


Brands must know whose lifestyle they want to influence and where they are in order to be successful.

We know how to ID ideal audiences.

Health & Wellness

A saturated market demands businesses stand out in their branding and messaging from day one.

We know how to create unique identities.

Growing Industries That Exist for Good & Co.

You chose to operate in an industry that supports the greater good. So did we.

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The cannabis industry is unique, challenging, and constantly in flux. In other words, it’s ripe with opportunity to be different. So, different is exactly how we do things. By embracing the ambiguity of the industry and incorporating unconventional marketing techniques, we’ve executed brand launches, events, and advocacy campaigns that have established leaders in the Northeast and beyond, recognizable by cannabis industry insiders and consumers alike.
Our Cannabis Clients & Projects

The lifestyle industry incorporates fashion, technology, CPG, and anything else consumers can use as an expression of themselves and their style. Because lifestyle brands are based on the values and aspirations of their ideal audiences, they have innate marketing flexibility that makes them perfect for creative experiential marketing and social media campaigns. Our work attracts customers to lifestyle brands, nurturing them into lifelong fans and advocates for our clients
Our Lifestyle Clients

The health & wellness industry is primed with opportunities for growth. As Millennials, Gen Z, and younger generations age into the market, the industry will continue to change to meet their wants and needs. This gives new and existing brands the opportunity to develop new products and reach new audiences. Our work does exactly that, providing our clients the techniques they need to stay relevant for generations to come.
Health and Wellness Clients and Projects

“Brands are messengers of trust.”

-Alina Wheeler

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