Joint Venture & Co.

Growing together is kind of our thing.

We are a brand marketing agency focused on developing and establishing brands in the cannabis, lifestyle, and health and wellness space.

We transform brands from something to buy into something to experience.
The difference is emotional, memorable, and the key to transitioning customers from one-time buyers to lifelong brand advocates.

More About Our Expertise


Growth Marketing for cannabis, lifestyle, and health and wellness brands.


Understand the position of your brand in the market. Define your business goals and establish the operational and marketing approaches needed to reach - and then exceed - those goals.

Brand Development

Launch your product or service strategically. Leverage our industry contacts and expertise to enter the market prepared with an established brand and a loyal audience eagerly awaiting it.

Content Creation

Compliment your content strategy that answers your audience’s questions and influences their decisions. Keep loyal customers on your side through storytelling with original images and videos.

Experiential Marketing

Curate experiences and event campaigns in line with your brand’s reputation and your business’ goals. Our grassroots approach creates lasting experiences that will keep people returning to your brand for years.

Success Stories

We helped grow these brands from seed to success. Click below to learn how.

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Worth the Hype

Just ask our clients.

"Joint Venture & Co. has been an essential asset to the launch of our first cannabis initiative!"

- Jill Goldsberry, Golden Media Relations

"Within 6 months of working with JVCo., I had a clear brand, logo, website, booked 3 major private events of my own and had media reach out to me a content campaign series. Word’s out now, and my business has never been busier."

- Chef Nick E., The Herbal Creative Kithcen