• Our approach is bold.

  • Our solutions are astute.

  • Our results are impactful.

  • Our work proves it.

Our Work

Growth is a Joint Venture, after all. Leading brands across the cannabis, lifestyle, and health & wellness sectors choose Joint Venture & Co. for our unconventional approach to brand development and growth.
We challenge our clients to grow from the inside out, encouraging their entire team
to champion the success of the brand.

Success Stories

Cannabis Advancement Series

for the 2019 Veterans Health &  Medical Cannabis Study.

  • GOAL: Build an audience of informed advocates.
  • APPROACH: Curated content and state-wide event series for maximum impact.
  • SOLUTION: Statewide experiential series.
  • RESULTS: Increase veteran’s access.


  • GOAL: Brand launch, experiential and content.
  • APPROACH: Bridge yoga and wellness lifestyle with plant-friendly communities.
  • SOLUTION: Curated the products, services and experience.
  • RESULTS: Two sold-out multi-day retreats with a yoga brand.


  • GOAL: Brand development and content.
  • APPROACH: Refined strategy, digital assets, brand assets and packaging.
  • SOLUTION: Aligned brand strategy and assets with a cohesive vision.
  • RESULTS: A consumer-centric, trusted brand.

The Bluntness x kiTHCen

  • GOAL: Content produce a 3-part email and video educational series.
  • APPROACH: Collaborative, strategic and clear communications.
  • SOLUTION: Executive produce film, photos and creative involved with production.
  • RESULTS: Increased website traffic and market research.

TeeHC Open

  • GOAL: Brand launch, development, experiential campaign and content.
  • APPROACH: Clear brand identity, sales, and marketing strategy.
  • SOLUTION: Attendee and sponsor ROI obsessed.
  • RESULTS: An unforgettable, day-long experiential event.

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Worth the Hype

Just ask our clients.

"Ann and her team at Joint Venture & Co. continue to bring these experiences to the industry with events like the recent Puff-X-Polish, a cannabis-friendly beauty & wellness event series, and Yoga + Cannabis, which pairs high-quality cannabis brands with high-quality communities in a Yoga themed event."

- TheBluntess.com