• We rally loyal fans.

  • We build active communities.

  • We are your team.

  • Together, we accomplish extraordinary things.

Joint Venture & Co. is the collaborative effort of radical creatives, detail-obsessed brainiacs, and canny organizations that all believe in rousing the best in others.

Create the Extraordinary

Meet the Founder

“The world-class cannabis and wellness brands of the United States are coming, and we’re here to bring them to a global stage. We’re going to improve the lives of people everywhere, one community at a time, by giving them access to beautiful plant medicine and wellness.”

-Ann Brum, Founder & CEO

We take things personally

With over a decade of experience in the cannabis and health and wellness arenas, we take this work personally. We know firsthand what consumers in those markets expect from the brands they shop. And we know exactly how to blow those expectations out of the water to create lasting impressions and lifelong customers.

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Core Values


We balance expertise, creative and investment by looking for efficient solutions that offer the biggest impact.


We partner with our clients to create collaborative solutions to meet individual goals and marketing challenges.


We approach challenges and gaps with a sense of curiosity, looking for creative ways to find solutions to common problems.


Our work prioritizes human connection, communication and experience to enhance others’ lives for the better.

"Through our work, we aim to help brands and social iniatives with their growth challenges based on results, reliability and trust."

- Ann M. Brum

We do things differently

First East Coast yoga + cannabis brand and brand launch

First interactive cannabis networking event in New England

First cannabis heli-drop

First Massachusetts WBE (Women Business Enterprise) & PBE (Portuguese Business Enterprise) serving the cannabis, lifestyle, and health & wellness spaces

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Joint Venture & Co. is the first massachusetts WBE (Women Business enterprise) & PBE (Portuguese business enterprise) serving the cannabis, hemp, and wellness space.

Our certification allows us to assist our clients with their supplier diversity goals and requirements. Joint Venture & Co. also participates in the programs and utilizes the resources of OSD. We're proud to serve on the following editorial advisory boards from Cannabis Patience Care and Cannabis Science Conference.


Cannabis marketing is special because of the plant’s current Schedule I status. Since it’s technically federally illegal, many social media platforms, merchant services, and advertising outlets don’t support its marketing. This hinders brands from finding their target customers and growing their recognition.

We approach cannabis marketing from a different direction. Instead of trying to sneak past anti-cannabis rules and guidelines, we focus our cannabis marketing efforts on organic growth, leveraging creative content, memorable branding, and in-person events. Explore our cannabis work.

Cannabis marketing is tricky because the laws around it differ from state to state. Our team stays apprised of legislative changes on the federal and state levels with a special focus on the Northeast so we can ensure our cannabis marketing efforts are both effective and compliant.

Integrated marketing is the process of creating and presenting a cohesive brand experience. This means incorporating your brand’s colors, logos, fonts, slogans, vibe, etc. into everything you do so you’re always at the top of your customers’ minds. Eventually, your customers will become so aware and accustomed to your brand’s image that they’ll be able to recognize it—and desire it—wherever they are.

Experiential marketing creates an emotional connection between a person and a brand. An emotional connection is important because humans are emotional creatures, and core memories are established when a person experiences a heightened emotion. By coordinating brands with experiences that complement their image, we evoke emotions within the one-time shopper that transforms them into lifelong customers and brand advocates.

When it comes to establishing your presence in packed industries like cannabis, lifestyle, and health & wellness, brand development is crucial. Competition is fierce, and if you don’t know what your brand is or what it stands for, you won’t know who it’s meant to serve. Brand development enables you to clearly define your brand, its intentions, and its audience so you know exactly how to market and who to market to.

Original content is important not only for your brand’s reputation but for Google’s support of it. Google’s algorithms notice when duplicate content exists, and it filters out the extras accordingly. By creating original content, you not only have the luxury to define your brand, but you help boost that brand in the eyes of Google, enabling you to reach more people more easily.