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By | 15 April, 2021

by Veronica Castillo – Plain Jane, 2021

Collaboration is key in the hemp industry. As the world opens up post covid fear and lockdown, there is a network of women pairing the worlds of cannabis wellness and travel: Joint Venture and Co., a New England Based growth agency. Learn more about them, their mission, and what’s coming below from founder Ann Brum.

Merging the worlds of canna-wellness- and travel post covid lockdown, please tell me about the company(s) involved and how this mission was developed?

“Canna-wellness and travel post-covid is something that has been an accumulation of the past 15 years in the spiritual/community/non-profit/business/wellness development and leadership worlds.

When Tara, owner/founder of The Love Offensive, invited me to partner for a plant-friendly yoga retreat, I was all about it!  Leading a life of holistic wellness has been my life’s work since my father’s passing in 2002.

Yoga + was launched Spring of 2021, as Joint Venture’s intersection of wellness, yoga and cannabis welcoming communities. It serves as a home where plant-friendly yoga and wellness practitioners can engage in their journey of self-care, wellbeing and be healthy and happy through curated, collaborative, and intentional experiences.

Another concept I collaborated on was with Jill Goldsberry, Golden Media Relations, to create Puff x Polish, a community where beauty and wellness leaders share their journey and tips with the collective community. The mission of this brand partnership is to support those on their beginning journey of sustainable wellness with communities who have experienced trauma and are in transition of life.”

Why is this mission/goal of Joint Venture and Co. important?

“Stigma. Cannabis and plants can play a major role in people being healthy and happy, and there’s a whole lot of folks who believe in the prohibition hype of “Reefer Madness.” I served thousands of Massachusetts medical cannabis patients both behind a retail counter, and in Massachusetts’ prestigious academic university research hospitals, hospice agencies, cancer support groups, long-term care facilities, etc. with the basics, a common statement I’d hear is, “Why did I wait so long?”  Stigma; that’s why.  And now is the time that outdated belief goes to rest – forever.”

Who are the founders of the companies and movements tied to Joint Venture and Co.,  and what were their backgrounds pre-cannabis?

“For over 10 years, I have dedicated myself to deciphering and clarifying the wellness and cannabis industries through information, training, research, support and organizational development. The emerging medical cannabis and adult-use market, along with a seemingly endless amount of wellness services, has overwhelmed consumers and the public.  She achieves this goal by creating authentic, connected experiences and out-of-the-box thinking between the public, community organizations, and industry.

My commitment for wellness led to a managing partner role with a wellness company, Heart of Reiki, from 2008-2011.  This health and wellness platform bridged complementary therapies with conventional healthcare professionals.  During this time, she interacted with the general public and professionals at renowned universities, world-class hospitals, nursing homes and a variety of support groups.  In these roles, Ann has had many opportunities for public speaking giving informative presentations and demonstrations of wellness practices.

One of my most valuable wellness contributions was guiding thousands of Massachusetts’ patients and families through hospice and long-term care leading a state-wide volunteer program for a multi-state hospice agency. I was instrumental in developing a culture which promoted a unique understanding of the needs of their hospice clients, which was to comprehend and utilize various comforting treatment options, in addition to standard hospice care, with a compassionate and tailored approach.

Jill’s background really focused on media relations and contributed to various digital outlets on lifestyle topics. As someone with a  Fashion background as well, she has always been creative. I saw the value of plants, healing and  farming from my grandparents who owned a farm in the South . But combining the need for awareness on the lack of equity in the beauty, wellness and cannabis industries was a vital part of launching Puff X Polish.”

What can the world expect to see from you all;what are some future events/plans?

“I love creating; I love collaboration; I love community, and I love solving problems in the world.  I also love supporting those who are on their journey to live a life well lived.  The world can expect a continuum of building and expanding conscious cannabis and wellness brands of New England, impactful social initiatives (Cannabis Advancement Series, Women of Color in Cannabis – CannaCareers Program, Cannabis Patient Care, The Joint Venture & Co Show on ProCannabis Media)  and sharing the beautiful northeast plant medicine and wellness community with the country and the world.”

To learn more about Joint Venture and Co., and what they have coming up, check them out here.


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