5 Powerful Lessons from 5 Transformative Years

By | 21 September, 2023

Hey there,

Can you believe it’s been five whole years since we embarked on this wild ride? Time truly does fly when you’re navigating the complex realms of cannabis, lifestyle, and health & wellness marketing.

1. Resilience is Our Secret Sauce

Ah, 2018! When our journey began, we navigated a nascent cannabis industry and a constantly evolving lifestyle and wellness sector. With tried-and-true strategies, we were making strides. And then… bam! Enter Covid.

Instead of panicking, we embraced the challenge. Digital was where the game was heading, so we honed in on brand development complimented by photo and video content. It wasn’t just about keeping afloat; it was about thriving in adversity. Through this, we’ve come to understand that grit and determination are just as crucial as talent.

Lesson: Change is the only constant. Embracing it with agility and foresight paves the way to innovation. 

2. Content & Live Campaigns: The Power of Authenticity

In the constantly shifting sands of SEO trends, algorithm tweaks, and ever-evolving platforms, one thing remains unaltered: the hunger for authentic content. During the pandemic, our clients grappled with striking the right chord in a world teetering on uncertainty. Our guidance? Deep, genuine content and live marketing campaigns that resonate with the heart. After all, consumers aren’t just purchasing a product. They’re investing in stories, emotions, and experiences that live campaigns uniquely deliver.

Lesson: Amidst digital whirlwinds, authentic content, and impactful live campaigns are the pillars of lasting success.

3. Diversification is Key

The world post-Covid was a phoenix rising from the ashes. With renewed vigor, people yearned for real, tangible experiences. We capitalized on this shift, moving towards brand activation and live marketing campaigns. From intimate pop-ups to large-scale events, our focus was on creating memorable moments that consumers could touch, feel, and connect with.

Lesson: Adaptability is everything. Today’s norm can be tomorrow’s old news. Being ready to pivot ensures longevity.

4. Community is Everything

This lesson hit home, especially during the Covid years. While we’ve always valued relationships, the pandemic underscored the importance of community. In times of isolation, it was our close-knit network, virtual events, and countless Zoom calls that fostered togetherness. We relied on each other for inspiration, motivation, and even a touch of sanity.

Lesson: Success isn’t solely about profit margins or ROI. It’s about forging and fostering relationships that stand the test of time.

5. Celebrate Every Win – Big or Small

From groundbreaking campaigns to that tiny eureka moment during a brainstorming session, every milestone matters. They shape our journey, fuel our passion, and remind us of why we started. Recognizing these victories, be they massive or minuscule, instills a sense of purpose.

Lesson: Every journey comprises steps, both big and small. Valuing each one gives meaning to the entire voyage.

Five Alive: Crafting Concepts, Capturing Crowds: 5-Years of Market Marvels

Closing thoughts: Together, we’ve navigated the tumultuous tides of change and trend revolutions. Amidst it all, our mission and values have been our compass, and our bond, the anchor. As we gear up for the next five years, we invite you to collaborate on new strategies and share your invaluable feedback. Let’s co-create the future and ensure that the lessons we learn make us stronger than ever. Your insights are our guiding star; let’s chart this journey together!

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